After Effects Guru: Mastering Cameras and Lights


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After Effects Provides a World of chances in regards to moving images and VFX. With the click Of a change, it is possible to flip layers to 3D and socialize with lights and cameras. These crucial tools Permit You to change the look and feel of a spectacle, Adding instant thickness and manufacturing value. But before you dive in, there are some Principles you need to master. In this Program, Nick Harauz educates the Essentials of working with lights and cameras at After Effects CC. Find out how to Remain grounded in boundless space, browse into viewports, and operate with multiple cameras. Discover how to leverage expressions and scripts for management and Efficiency, and make three-point lighting setups to include measurement and richness to your scenes. Plus, get real-world cases of lights and cameras in design.

  • Making layers 3D
  • Assessing single – and – two-node cameras
  • Transferring and animating cameras
  • Using depth of field orders
  • Utilizing ambient, point, parallel, and place lighting
  • Creating shadows
  • Cutting between several cameras
  • Photo projection mapping
  • Using expressions for lights and cameras
  • Leveraging helpful plugins
After Effects Guru: Mastering Cameras and Lights
After Effects Guru: Mastering Cameras and Lights


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