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You can spend all your life mastering drawing skills, but what you need is to be able to complete tasks here and now. That is why we’ve designed a focused course that consists of only essential topics, which will allow you to create high-quality illustrations. I’ve accumulated a vast number of observations, tricks, and hacks by trial and error over the many years of working on animation projects.

This experience is the foundation of this course. As if you acquired six years of commercial illustrating experience in just a few months. I’ll try to teach you how to draw as fast as possible and help you boost your skills.

  • LESSON #1

Nice Sketch from Scratch

It is the first and most important stage of creating an illustration. Here, we’ll analyze methods and tools to create sketches as well as compare them. Next, we’ll learn how to draw simple things to get used to drawing by hand.

  • LESSON #2


We’ll find out what the main types of perspectives are and practice creating basic ones, isometry and one-point linear perspective, specifically. You’ll need those in your work.

  • LESSON #3

Adobe Illustrator

We’ll study how the program works and all the necessary tools. I’ll also tell you how to organize the workspace and work files to save your time and allow you to enjoy drawing and working with files while animating.

  • LESSON #4


It is one of the most important topics that we need to cover thoroughly. We’ll analyze methods to create palettes, types of contrasts, and I’ll give you some tips on how to work with color to illustrate for motion design.

  • LESSON #5


At this stage, we’ll learn to create beautiful and interesting characters so they can be easily animated further. I’ll also tell you about my personal experience, techniques, and tips on how to ease the task for yourself and for a person who will animate it later.x

  • LESSON #6


I’ll share the knowledge, tips, and lifehacks on how to make a scene beautiful, informative, and useful for the project.

  • LESSON #7


Here, we’ll cover the variety of scene types in motion design, the rules and the logic of designing them.

  • LESSON #8


Based on the knowledge of designing scenes, I’ll tell you how to compile them in stories, thereby creating interesting and informative storyboards for your projects.

  • LESSON #9

Style Coherency

Here, I’ll tell you how to pick a style for a project and stick to it while creating all frames for your project.

  • LESSON #10

The workflow of an illustrator and a motion designer

We’ll talk a little about the work synergy of an illustrator and a motion designer, how they can facilitate and speed up their interaction and each other’s workflow.

Animation for Illustration
Animation for Illustration


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