Learn Adobe Photoshop CC in less than two hours


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  • No Adobe Photoshop experience is required.
  • You will learn everything you need to know about Adobe Photoshop.
  • This course will teach you how to use Adobe Photoshop.
  • Any version of Adobe Photoshop is fine. I recommend using CS6, CC2018, CC2019, or the latest.

Hello there, and welcome to this exciting Adobe Photoshop course! 

You will learn and quickly build a foundation in Adobe Photoshop in this course. This course is highly recommended for folks who are complete with Adobe Photoshop. If you need a refresher, this course is also for you.

This incredible software is commonly used for image editing, website mockups, retouching photos, creating image compositions, and adding effects. In this beginners’ course, we’ll explore topics such as importing an image in photoshop, working with layers, adding layer masks, and using the clone stamp tool. This course is an excellent introduction to Adobe Photoshop.

Why do people want to learn Adobe Photoshop?

It is an incredible tool that will allow you to create and edit images. These images can be made for both print and the web. Adobe Photoshop provides learners with great tools for photo retouching, color correction, and editing, to name a few.

Is Adobe Photoshop hard to learn?

Absolutely not! Learning the Adobe Photoshop fundamentals is not hard at all, and it doesn’t take much time to learn the basics. Understanding the essential tools and building a foundation will benefit new users. This is a great course to start with.

Learn Adobe Photoshop CC in less than two hours
Learn Adobe Photoshop CC in less than two hours


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