NFT Masterclass: Create and Sell 1000 NFTs for Free


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This course is made for beginners to understand how to make and sell NFTs online. In this course I will teach you how to make NFT in Canva (A FREE Graphic Design Software) and how to Publish those NFTs on the biggest NFT marketplaces online, without any gas fees.

In addition, how to create a wallet and connect it to the NFT platforms online. How to mint your NFT on the two biggest NFT platforms for FREE without any gas fee. Here is the course content.

Section 01: NFT and How to Create yours for FREE

  • Introduction to NFT

  • Introduction to our NFT Course

  • Create a 1000s of FREE NFT Using Canva

  • Downloading NFT from Canva

Section 02: Sell NFT for FREE without Fees

  • What are Gas Fees for NFT

  • Create a Matamask Wallet

  • Listing an NFT on Opensea

  • Listing an NFT on Mintable

So, what are you waiting for? This is the Biggest Opportunity available online since Blockchain is the next big thing after the internet. Start early by diving deep into understanding the market, and start with this beginner’s course and learn to start your career in NFT online without wasting thousands of dollars in gas fees. Start your journey towards NFT with me.

Who is this course for:

  • Businessman who wants to step into NFT business
NFT Masterclass: Create and Sell 1000 NFTs for Free
NFT Masterclass: Create and Sell 1000 NFTs for Free


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